Ufix U-BOS2 For Remove EFI Lock Firmware Lock PIN Code Lock


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1.U-BOS2 is a necessary tool for repairing the MacBook

2. Using LED color screen, display operation is more convenient

3. Supports Type_C, Micro USB cable and four AAA batteries

4.U-BOS2 includes one host, four write sockets, one universal board and one USB flash drive

5.The “SPI ROM” data of all Mac series models from 2008 to 2020 will be written to U-BOS2 host


1. The MacBook mainboard fails to start, display, freeze, or blue screen due to BIOS data problems

2. It can be used to remove EFI locks, firmware locks, and PIN locks on the 2008-2017 MacBook

3. It can be used to write the original data of 2018-2020 T2 or M1 chip ROM (used to judge whether there is no power due to ROM data).

4. It can be used to replace ME in BIOS data (2013-2017 MacBook, after replacing CPU, PCH or BIOS chip, if the ME data is not replaced, the startup display will be very slow)

5. It can be used to turn off the independent display function “EG to IG” on the 15-inch MacBook Pro (to solve the problems of no display, blurred screen, crash, power failure and other problems caused by the graphics card, video memory or PCB layer problems).

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1.U-BOS2 is available for all Macs from 2008 to 2020, including iMac, MAC Mini, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air

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1* EFI lock firmware lock

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